Carpet Cleaning

Steam Plus focuses on providing quality service to all our valuable clients.  We use only the latest and most powerful hot water steam extraction truck mount units to take care of all your cleaning requirements.  Hot water extraction is the only method of cleaning that is set at 240C, therefore, both sanitizing and removing dirt and grime.  Powerful Lift (vacuum suction) extracts the dirty water and solution to leave your carpet looking like new.

A regular carpet cleaning is not only beneficial for carpet appearance, but it also helps to minimize wear and tear, prolong the life of your carpets, improve the cleanliness of your home and even improve your indoor air quality. Ideally, carpets should be cleaned 1-2 times per year.  Ultimately, clean carpets look better, feel softer and are healthier for you and your family which is why it is important to maintain them on a regular basis!  


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